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05 November 2010 sorry..and please forgive me..

okay lets start..first of all..i would like to say i am very sorry..sorry for what? for everything i've done to u..sorry if i hurting u without i realized it.its like u tried to ignored me..its like..ure leaving..i really dont know why.okay that's right if i didn't contact u for quite sumtimes and so do u..

actually i've been make u wait for me too long.. yah i know u've been waiting for me to make the next step but i never did.right? i know u show ur feeling to me until the feeling has gone..i know..and i've tried to feel the same way to u but..i cant..even i've tried..but i still cant..i dont know sorry girl..
maybe..because i see the end before we'd begun..yah maybe that is why..
maybe im not the right person for u..
maybe im not good enough for u..
maybe im not deserve for u..
maybe im not able to make u happy like the other..
maybe i cant give u something u want.
maybe im to weak..
maybe I don’t have the guts..

its been to long pretending.pretending that we r okay.
there's no use trying when the pieces dont fit anymore..
sometimes i feel broke inside but i wont admit it..
and its really hard to say goodbye..

i just really regret my action and im heartbroken about losing a good old friend,who i respect and love..i treasure our friendship but now its all gone..u're a very special to me as u has treated me well.what should i do now and how can i get u to accept my apologize?i have no idea..
but u got someone right now.hey I can see u are very happy with him.I’m glad that you replaced me with someone who was better than me.yah,u deserved a better person.
hey u know what,now I can see a good change on u..i mean a lot..proud with u girl.

One thing u should know is..i miss the old u..once we are always happy when we are talking..we can talk about everything..about laugh together.but that was its cant be like before..i know..
But its ok..i still love and remember u as my good friend and as a wonderful girl pal.
now i just move on and not waste my time and regrets and remorse.
the old relationship has ended but i have gained a moment of pride in honour.. 

p/s: please be a good girl there..

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