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07 October 2010

my bedtime story

" girl im sleepy.. i need my bed time story.."

several hours later. . .

" since my mind are free to narrate this, i think i have one story for u..

this story happen million times ago in one island of canada. there was a king who has married with the slave. they live in the castle of sapphire. after a couple of years, they have gifted with a child. a child name prince Le Duff. prince Le Duff is someone who is really kind hearted and adores by everyone in the castle. one day, he get away from the castle to have a walk. suddenly, he saw the lavender garden. he decide to get into the garden. when he came closer he hears someone crying (not singing). he search for the sound there. eventually he found a small girl laying at the lavender bushes. the girl looking so messy. he ask once, "girl, what happened to u?" the girl didn't answer except her finger pointed to the lavender bushes. he look at the bushes for a while. he saw nothing beside the leaf of lavender keep move as the wind blows. he ask once again and the girl still pointed to the bushes. at the end, he take a decision to bring the girl to the castle. after he reach, he brings the girl to his father. when the king saw the girl he almost fainted. he was truly shocked. the prince feel very weird. he ask why but nobody answer..

so can u guess?

so..we'll continue next time.(: "

this is nice. i know im the first. (:
so..i cant wait for the next..
ill b wait girl.. (:

p/s : sory for the post=D

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