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23 April 2013

is being too nice is a bad things?

is being too nice is a bad things?

hey what's so bad about being "too nice"?
honestly, im still searching what the meaning of "too nice".  
for example, when im nice to a girl there's a reason for that and it's because i respect her for who she is and enjoy being around her and when im really nice it's because i care about her, want to make her happy, and be there for her. how is that a bad thing? the fact a guy is really nice to you and is genuine about it should make you feel good about yourself instead of causing you to find the nearest jerk who will treat you like garbage and then discard you and make you feel worse. i dont get this. i dont know but maybe girls perceive nice guys as spineless. on the other hand, jerks are perceived as strong and exciting because of the fact that they take rejection well and just "move on to the next one".

yah in relationship, being nice means must always be there. and now im thinking maybe being always there is boring. why? yes its cool we always take the time to be there for her. but always remember that in order for relationship to work, we must have space so they can grow individually. maybe growing individually gives a higher percentage for our relationship to last longer. idk.

and being too nice maybe makes me seem too good to be real. so, if i being too nice right from the start, women will take this as a sign that im hiding my ugly self behind this nice guy act. maybe. idk.

also, nice guys can't say no. but now i think it's okay to say no when i need to. 

however, most of the time, being "too nice" has ever been someone's reason for rejecting you, niceness can feel more like a curse than a blessing. haha. yeah and i know hows that feel. :)
dude, nice guys finish last. being nice is a great personality trait; it's just that sometimes being nice gives you an unfair disadvantage.

hey ever heard women says:

" I don't like when guys are "too nice" because it makes me uncomfortable
" saya sukakan awak, tapi awak terlalu baik. "

p/s: * play the game, don't be the one getting played.
      * seriously, sekarang aku nak mengaku mungkin aku adalah orang yang paling baik dalam dunia. tapi aku juga nak mengaku yang kadangnya aku boleh                 jadi manusia paling gampang dalam dunia. seriously im not kidding u. :)

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