kasi ikan makan.

17 June 2011


perhaps we'll never understand each other.
loving doesn't mean that we agree.
there are things i know i'll never see.
i'm sure your heart knows what i don't yet know..
the pain of loving a reluctant son.
the anger, coming fast and building slow,
of being helpless to control someone.
you want only that i grow up right,
but you know what right is, and i still don't.
i have to learn to wield my inner light,
i'm sorry for the anger in the air,
ihough we fight, my love is always there.

abah, i know u're not like the others, 
but i know u're still the best for me.

abah, i know you cannot give everything that i want,
but yet, it's all is good enough for me.

abah, forgive me. love you.

shit, sometimes i wish my dad owned a bank. but it's ok pa. :)

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